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Alliance farming

This script sends a march to your alliance mine/farm/sawmill to collect resources. Make sure that you are in an alliance and that there is an existing alliance resource building.

Tile searching and gathering

Search for resource tiles on the map, and extract resources from them, is one of the central functions of the bot. This script does that for you in a spiral pattern. It lets you send the amount of marches you choose for each resource type. Make sure you don’t try to send more marches than the account has available. And don’t let it search for resource types your account doesn’t support.

Auto shield

Auto shield can only work the active account on each android emulator instance. If you want to have an account protected 24/7, that account must be the only account on that instance. If auto shield fails, we do not take responsibility for consequences. 😉 Use at your own discretion.

Alliance donations

Activating this script allows the bot to donate resources to your alliance and lets you collect honor points even while you are sleeping. Turn gold donations on or off according to your wish.

Repair walls

Has your castle been raided by enemies? Have you raided your own farm? Enabling this script repairs the walls of the castle.

Make wishes

Everything you could wish for. 😊 This script makes all free wishes available to you in the Wishing Well. It will select resource according to your main resource selection.

Instant yield

Do you have Instant Yield talent available? Then this script is a must have.

Small tip

Collects the “Small tip” bubbles in your castle.


Praises those amazing champions in the Hall of Champions for your benefit. The rewards may seem bleak, but they stack up over time.


Never miss to collect the merlin gifts again.

Train siege

Only trains tier one siege. It does that at the specified time interval of your choosing. Don’t use a timer that’s below your current training time.

Train stables, range, barracks

This script trains the highest available tier of troops of each type. As above, make sure you don’t use a timer that’s below your current training time.

Daily rewards

Collects those daily reward chests if they are available.

Beta scripts

Collect Resources

Collect resources in the castle. Doesn’t always find all resource bubbles. But usually eventually gets them all.

Upgrade buildings

A really useful script. Even though it doesn’t upgrade ALL buildings it can upgrade most of them. Especially useful when developing new farms.

Collect tribute

Collects the “Tribute” for you. Doesn’t find it every time.